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CPD II Reflection

The past 3 months or so have flown by so quickly! MY OH MY! Continue reading “CPD II Reflection”


CPD Synopsis Final Draft

  1. Introduction

Hotels are no stranger when it comes to dissatisfied and angry guests, some of whom would air their grievances during their stay. While this interpersonal communication problem mostly occurs in front-of-house operations, it is believed that the issue should also be addressed in the housekeeping department where this pertinent issue is often overlooked. Continue reading “CPD Synopsis Final Draft”

CPD Project Synopsis (Draft)

TOPIC: How to Win Back an Angry Guest


The “How to Win Back an Angry Guest” training video will discuss on the interpersonal communication issues present in a hotel, specifically looking into the housekeeping department. In the video, elements such as the “Bad” example, the “Good” example, key learning points following the L.E.A.R.N model will be explored. Continue reading “CPD Project Synopsis (Draft)”

[Revised] Amiroo Reflects: Communication Problem

January 2015. Continue reading “[Revised] Amiroo Reflects: Communication Problem”

Letter of Service Recovery

Dear Mr Bennert,

Thank you for taking your time to provide us with your valuable feedback regarding your recent stay in Good Life Hotel. I am terribly sorry to know about your experience and sincerely apologise that we did not meet your expectations which you have the right to expect. Continue reading “Letter of Service Recovery”

Amiroo Reflects: Communication Problem


Continue reading “Amiroo Reflects: Communication Problem”

Connecting NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION To My Personal Branding

It is widely known and accepted that non-verbal communication greatly impacts the communication process amongst individuals. While the intended message is meant to be communicated verbally through words, non-verbal cues could either emphasise or dilute the quality of the message. If the body language portrayed by the individual who is attempting to convey a message is incongruent with the message, it could potentially affect the credibility of the message. The very fine details in the way the speaker stands and looks at the listener(s) could hint at a lot about that particular individual. Continue reading “Connecting NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION To My Personal Branding”

Formal Introduction Email

To: Brad Blackstone
From: Amirul Zulkifli
Subject: Self-Introduction

Dear Mr. Blackstone,

I am currently a Year 2 undergraduate from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) studying hospitality business. I spent four years in Ngee Ann Secondary School prior to pursuing a Diploma in Aerospace Technology in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP). Continue reading “Formal Introduction Email”

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