To: Brad Blackstone
From: Amirul Zulkifli
Subject: Self-Introduction

Dear Mr. Blackstone,

I am currently a Year 2 undergraduate from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) studying hospitality business. I spent four years in Ngee Ann Secondary School prior to pursuing a Diploma in Aerospace Technology in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

I spent four years serving in the army, with the additional years mainly due to me being clueless about life. I had a fruitful four years with new experiences and countless interactions with individuals of different ages and ranks. During my time there, it struck me that I love social interactions and that I could disguise my nervousness. I am adaptable and I face no challenges when working with other individuals, as I face minimal barriers to communication.

The introduction of hospitality business in SIT in 2015 persuaded me to leave the force for greener pastures. I had to manage my expectations due to my embarrassing GPA from my polytechnic days and was hugely surprised to go through a couple of interviews unscathed, earning myself a spot in the pioneer batch of the course.

In 2016, I had the privilege of doing my industrial attachment at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore in the housekeeping department. This was when I realised that my main weakness is the limited number of languages I have mastered. It was torturous to work in an environment with foreign words thrown around and not understanding a single one of them and hence, I am very keen to learn a third language. Another weakness I am constantly oblivious to my body language when speaking to a crowd.

I hope that this email has provided you with a very brief insight into my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you.

Warmest regards
Amirul Zulkifli

(edited 7 Feb 17)

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