The past 3 months or so have flown by so quickly! MY OH MY! I have gained a number of applicable theoretical knowledge in class, with Johari window and Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode instrument being the more interesting ones. Both will have significant impacts on communications in the workplace setting.

The conflict mode instrument will definitely come in handy in the future when I have to decide almost instantaneously as to which approach(es) I would select to manage different conflict scenarios. The theories behind the decision-making process will have an impact in the way I approach the issue.

It was also great that the structure of the lessons was remodeled from the one that is used with UNLV students, making it more manageable and interesting for us SIT students. I believe that the numerous in-class public presentations that we were forced to do have helped everyone, including myself, discover themselves in terms of presentation skills. It was nice seeing some of the fellows gradually overcome nerves and stage fright to get to the current presentation standards.

Overall, I believe that I have improved, along with my project mates, in terms of making my presentation flow from point to point and person to person. I have enjoyed the fun lessons throughout the trimester, with the video sharing at the end encapsulating everything that we have learnt.